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¡Activo! Playlist / March Updates


Monday is here and we’re still thinking about the function on Friday. Norlan + Coro King had it feeling like a hookie (you were a bad kid if you went to one!). Shout to Jota for blessing us with the latest updates to the ¡Activo! playlist. Stream now on Apple Music + Spotify.

Event Recaps

Luv U Better March 2019 Recap

Not gonna lie, going into this night we were a little stressed. Jay’s (yep! WHERE’S NASTY) iTunes library erased earlier in the day. Leading up into the set up of the party he was trying to recover it so we called upon our family Beato to come set things off while we got that figured out. Like a miracle, a few minutes into the party starting Jay was able to recover his ALL of his music.

In the midst of some nervousness, we got a pop-up Beato DJ set, a reason to drink a daiquiri or two and our March dosage our R&B flavor.

Photos by Bilindoff

Event Recaps

¡Activo! February 2019 Recap

Throughout the last year, we’ve been linking up with our friends from Flaneur and House Party Vibes to have a monthly function where you’re going to dance your ass off to some bachata, salsa, merengue, dembow and everything under the Latin sun.

In February, along with resident DJ, Norlan, we had our family DJ Dymand come bless a guest set. Somehow, someway the platano is always gone by end of the party.

Photos by Carlos De La Rosa

Event Recaps

Eggs Over March 2019 Recap

Some punk ass snow really couldn’t scare us away from brunching. It’s still bizarre that we’re days away from Spring and mother nature is hitting us like this but champagne can cure most things. For our March installment of Eggs Over at Troop, we brought out DJ Slick Vick to play a guest set — she killed it!

Would also like to note that pictures look 100% better when you’re holding a bottle of champagne. Y’all are mad rich.

Photos by Malakhai Pearson