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Luv U Better / October 2019 Recap

There was something about this night that was just a lil bit different. We usually can get y’all to sing a verse + a hook acapella, but this was the first time y’all have done the WHOLE song by yourself. Those vocal chords were strong. Mad love to DJ Mozes from our All You Can Eat family coming by to bless us with a guest set.

Photos by Bilindoff

Editorial + Stories

Silent Access Into: Andrew White

A few months ago, we sat down with our family Drew to take a look into his design process. He designed the stay silent logo and helped develop our brand identity and style over the years. Drew has his hand in a lot of creative projects coming out New England over the past decade including work with Cousin Stizz, Cam Bells, Jefe Replay, Hil Holla and our PVD script logo. ⁠

He is currently the lead designer at Bodega in Boston where he designs Bodega brand products and collaborations with Reebok, New Balance, Vans, with more on the way.⁠

Produced by stay silent PVD, LLC

Directed + Edited by Haus PVD

Event Recaps

DAY TRILL August 2019 Recap

Day Trill 2019_7SUMMERS_POST.jpg

7 summers are officially under our belt and each year the energy, outcome + love multiplies tremendously. DAY TRILL started in 2013 with only 30 people and this August 24th, we had 3,500 come out to celebrate the ultimate New England summer holiday at India Point Park.

It's already the beginning of September and almost immediately it feels like a major shift and transition. We like holding on to the photographs and videos from Day Trill for a little while so that you can fully digest your experience, get your iPhone flicks off and be reminded of all of the fun you had right when you need it most. Think of these images as a little postcard we're sending you from your favorite place. With lots of love, stay silent.

Video by Primo Studios

Photos by Bilindoff

Event Recaps

Lodi Dodi / July 2019 Recap

To cap off 2018, we threw our first event ever at the Botanical Gardens at Roger Williams Park. Since then, we knew we couldn’t wait until the end of the year to get that fancy in the middle of some plants again so we decided launch a new party. Lodi Dodi was born. We hope to come together more often for no other reason than to party with our people.

Photos by Bilindoff

Event Recaps

DAY TRILL June 2019 Recap / Yamiche

The last photographer in our series of photo recaps from DAY TRILL in June is Yamiche.

Yamiche has been a staple at our events since the Aurora days and was also the first artist to ever do a show at our non-profit art space, Trade Pop-Up. Yamiche has a way of finding beautiful people in the party and making them look like they staged an entire photoshoot in the middle of the function. At our last DAY TRILL, we had Yamiche post in front of our Spread Love mural and let y’all have a photoshoot for real.

You can find Yamiche, his photography + his artwork at Instagram.com/yamiche_

Event Recaps


The next photographer in our series of photo recaps from our DAY TRILL in June is Malakhai Pearson.

Since we met Malakhai a few years ago shooting at The Wave in Boston, he’s become a part of our family. When you see him out, the first thing you’ll notice about him is his bright smile. He’s usually dancing through the function with his camera making connections with people easily + helping capturing their energy on film.

You can find him shooting an AllYouCanEat party + on Instagram.com/MalakhaiPearson

Event Recaps


Continuing our series of photo recaps from DAY TRILL, we’re sharing portraits taken by Ally from Fallen Cargo. In addition to the important work + conversations she’s starting with her brand Fallen Cargo, Ally is an instrumental piece of stay silent design serving as the lead designer for DAY TRILL summer 2019 in addition to our recent Go Outside campaign + capsule.

If the party were a machine, Ally would be the oil; she will show up early by herself, be a fly on the wall and know when to gas you up to get them moves out of you. She doesn’t have to say much but whenever she’s behind the lens can make you bring out the best parts of yourself.

You can find Ally + her personal projects via Instagram.com/FallenCargo

Event Recaps

DAY TRILL June 2019 Recap / Bilindoff

This year, more than ever, we had a massive amount of photos to choose from to recap DAY TRILL. Our team has grown to include several photographers, who each capture a different energy and element that DAY TRILL has to offer. Instead of leaving hundreds of beautiful photos hidden in our Dropbox archives, we’ve decided to release recaps across the next few days featuring the many perspectives that were captured.

To kick off this series, we are starting with photos from Bilindoff. If you see him in the function, he’s probably dancing with you, singing + rapping along, and then next thing you know, he’s captured a photo of you. Bilindoff is the party and his photos are always a reflection of that.

Next time you see him in the party, give him that energy. You can find him on Instagram.com/Bilindoff

Editorial + Stories

DAY TRILL Confessional + Video Recap / June 29, 2019

We set up a booth in the middle of our DAY TRILL festival in Providence, RI to let people tell us, and now the world how they really felt on that beautiful June afternoon before the party got wild. Some people were off a few Trillmenades, others just had some things to say. Here's what was said.

Produced by stay silent

Directed + Edited by Primo Studios


Casubody Sound: Cape Verdean House Party Classics


To celebrate Cape Verdean Independence Day 2019, we sat with DJ Lefty to turn him + DJ Larry Love's now classic, 'CV House Party Volume 1' mix, into a playlist. These songs to many throughout the Cape Verdean diaspora served as soundtracks to family parties and just songs that continue to keep us connected to our roots while away from the motherland.

This is a very small taste of the many songs and artists that continue to define Cape Verdean culture, generation after generation. Due to lack of availability of particular records on major streaming platforms, we dug deep into YouTube to put this together. The Casubody Sound: Cape Verdean House Party Classics playlist is now available on YouTube.

Listen + subscribe to our Casubody Sound: Kizomba + Afrobeat playlist, which we update monthly: http://staysilent.co/casubody

Event Recaps

PVDFest 2019 + In Good Company Recap

PVDFest 2019 was so fire. For the second year in a row, we took to the Main Stage in the middle of Kennedy Plaza for a pop-up party. The City-Wide Electric Slide was LEGENDARY! Nino killed it on the keys, that’s not regular! We’re still on a high and getting chills watching the videos.

Throughout the day, we were also able to have a few homies play sets on various stages, mad love to Charlie Tunes, Wattz, Beato and Corvah. Thank you to everyone who found the orange cart and copped some heat from our Go Outside capsule.

After the day time festivities, we had In Good Company, a post-PVDFest gathering at Trade Pop-Up to just get away from the madness and show our appreciation to some our closest friends, peers + supporters. Lena’s Kitchen cheffed up a really good all plant-based meal. Deadass didn’t know vegan pastelitos were a thing. Trust us, it’s not blasphemous. Appreciate our folks over at Red Bull for helping make that possible.


stay silent FM, Episode 8

stay silent FM episode 8.jpg

Archive of stay silent FM, Episode 8

We air weekly on Tuesdays from 2-4PM EST on 101.1 FM WBRU in Providence, RI (WBRU.com)

On this episode, Sabrina and WHERE'S NASTY played tunes, recapped PVDFest 2019, the opening of Cured Collection's second location, other PVD gems, question if media can go too far + more.

DJ set by WHERE'S NASTY (@wnpvd)

Stream all of the songs played on this episode via our stay silent FM playlist on Apple Music + Spotify: staysilent.co/fmplaylist

Editorial + Stories

Go Outside

We're bringing the same energy that your mom had for you when you were playing Playstation for way too long. "GO OUTSIDE!" There's so much to see and do. Unplug. Release. Walk away. Go outside of your normal setting. Go outside of the box. Go outside into the world. Disconnect to reconnect.

The Go Outside capsule features a limited PVD Tee, Sunshine Tee and and Outside Tote. All items will be available during PVDFest on Saturday June 8th. Find the orange cart between 4PM and 6PM. See y’all outside.

Photos by Bilindoff / Modeled by Ally Tatcher of Fallen Cargo + Israel Wusu


stay silent FM, Episode 7

stay silent FM episode 7.jpg

Archive of stay silent FM, Episode 7

We air weekly on Tuesdays from 2-4PM EST on 101.1 FM WBRU in Providence, RI (WBRU.com)

On this episode, Sabrina and WHERE'S NASTY recap what felt like the longest Memorial Day Weekend ever, D'ussePalooza NYC/Philly, talk DAY TRILL season, Max B, the upcoming PVDFest + more


Stream all of the songs played on this episode via our stay silent FM playlist on Apple Music + Spotify: staysilent.co/fmplaylist

Event Recaps

Bucktown Wing Launch Party Recap

We linked up with our family over at Bucktown to help them launch their Wing Program. That’s just a fancy ass way to say they’ll be adding wings to their menu, and they are sooooooooooo goooood. We were able to invite some friends + family to try a few of the flavors they’re working on; Korean, BBQ, buffalo and lemon pepper (wet!).

If you haven’t been to Bucktown yet, do you even pay attention to what we talk about (rolls eyes into infinity). The wings will be added to the menu soon but until then try everything they already have on the menu — we highly recommend the chicken biscuit and po’ boys.

Photos by Bilindoff


stay silent FM, Episode 6

stay silent FM episode 6.png

Archive of stay silent FM, Episode 6

We air weekly on Tuesdays from 2-4PM EST on 101.1 FM WBRU in Providence, RI (WBRU.com)

On this episode, Sabrina and WHERE's NASTY play strictly music that reminds them of summer, debate Mr.Lemon vs Del's, proper cookout etiquette, the latest All You Can Eat party, make a sneaky Day Trill announcement + more.

Stream all of the songs played on this episode via our stay silent FM playlist on Apple Music + Spotify: staysilent.co/fmplaylist