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DAY TRILL August 2019 Recap

Day Trill 2019_7SUMMERS_POST.jpg

7 summers are officially under our belt and each year the energy, outcome + love multiplies tremendously. DAY TRILL started in 2013 with only 30 people and this August 24th, we had 3,500 come out to celebrate the ultimate New England summer holiday at India Point Park.

It's already the beginning of September and almost immediately it feels like a major shift and transition. We like holding on to the photographs and videos from Day Trill for a little while so that you can fully digest your experience, get your iPhone flicks off and be reminded of all of the fun you had right when you need it most. Think of these images as a little postcard we're sending you from your favorite place. With lots of love, stay silent.

Video by Primo Studios

Photos by Bilindoff

Event Recaps

DAY TRILL June 2019 Recap / Bilindoff

This year, more than ever, we had a massive amount of photos to choose from to recap DAY TRILL. Our team has grown to include several photographers, who each capture a different energy and element that DAY TRILL has to offer. Instead of leaving hundreds of beautiful photos hidden in our Dropbox archives, we’ve decided to release recaps across the next few days featuring the many perspectives that were captured.

To kick off this series, we are starting with photos from Bilindoff. If you see him in the function, he’s probably dancing with you, singing + rapping along, and then next thing you know, he’s captured a photo of you. Bilindoff is the party and his photos are always a reflection of that.

Next time you see him in the party, give him that energy. You can find him on

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PVDFest 2019 + In Good Company Recap

PVDFest 2019 was so fire. For the second year in a row, we took to the Main Stage in the middle of Kennedy Plaza for a pop-up party. The City-Wide Electric Slide was LEGENDARY! Nino killed it on the keys, that’s not regular! We’re still on a high and getting chills watching the videos.

Throughout the day, we were also able to have a few homies play sets on various stages, mad love to Charlie Tunes, Wattz, Beato and Corvah. Thank you to everyone who found the orange cart and copped some heat from our Go Outside capsule.

After the day time festivities, we had In Good Company, a post-PVDFest gathering at Trade Pop-Up to just get away from the madness and show our appreciation to some our closest friends, peers + supporters. Lena’s Kitchen cheffed up a really good all plant-based meal. Deadass didn’t know vegan pastelitos were a thing. Trust us, it’s not blasphemous. Appreciate our folks over at Red Bull for helping make that possible.

Event Recaps

Eggs Over March 2019 Recap

Some punk ass snow really couldn’t scare us away from brunching. It’s still bizarre that we’re days away from Spring and mother nature is hitting us like this but champagne can cure most things. For our March installment of Eggs Over at Troop, we brought out DJ Slick Vick to play a guest set — she killed it!

Would also like to note that pictures look 100% better when you’re holding a bottle of champagne. Y’all are mad rich.

Photos by Malakhai Pearson