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Trade Pop-Up presents Art Bashment (PVD Fest 2017)



Art Bashment brings the friendly competition of a soundclash into the community of a party. A traditional sound clash is a musical competition where DJ crew members pit their skills against each other to prove who has the best “sound system.” 

During the 3rd annual PVD Fest, hosted by the City of Providence, we're teaming up with Trade Pop-Up to host Art Bashment on the Matthewson St Stage from 5pm - 9pm.

Art Bashment will feature 2 DJ teams consisting of DJs from across New England with an art installation by local art collective, Peace Club RI. Team 1 features YVNG PAVL, DJ Big Bear and DJ Fre$co while team 2 features where's nasty, DJ Banzi and DJ Dymand.

No RSVP needed for entry. Art Bashment is  free and open to the public.